Houdini Escape Show

“Houdini Escape Show”

Houdini Escape Show

Have you ever seen the great Harry Houdini perform an escape live? Of course not, he’s been dead for over 85 years, nobody that’s alive on this earth has seen him. But don’t worry, there is a show called the “Houdini Escape Show” and Escapist, Tom Yurasits will create some of Houdini’s famous escapes in the show. The amazing thing is that:

Houdini was Hungarian.
Tom is Hungarian!

Houdini’s birthday was March 24.
Tom’s is March 22!

Houdini’s father was a Rabi.
Tom has a Rabbit!

What are the chances?

See the next best thing, Escapist, Tom Yurasits! Tom’s show mixes escapes, magic, some Houdini history and a twist of comedy. Watch as Tom attempts to escape from a Strait Jacket, Handcuffs and from 50 feet of Rope and 50 feet of Chains while tied into a chair. If he can’t escape, you win the prize! Are you up for the challenge?

“This was a very entertaining and informational show.”

“You had us sitting on the edge of our seats.”

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