School Shows

The following shows are great for Assembly Programs, Family Fun Nights, Awards Programs, Promoting Reading, Science and Recycling or just for Fun! Call to get suggestions on which show will be best for you. We bring everything we need including Microphones and Sound System.

“Learning Magic Through Books” is a fun filled interactive magic show presented by Tom Yurasits. You can pick from two versions to meet your entertainment needs.

“On behalf of the staff…I would like to thank you for the
wonderful show you put on at our library.”

“I especially liked the way you tied reading into your magic show and
encouraged  kids to read about any hobby or interest they have.”

“Learning Magic Through Books I”

In the first version Tom performs magic with a comedy twist. Hands on audience participation teaches children the importance of following directions, as they help the magician with his tricks. You will be astounded as he ends the show with the production of a live rabbit!

“I would like to thank you for the excellent program on
magic you did for our Summer Reading Club.”

“Another nice feature in the show was the “plug” for reading and libraries.”

“Learning Magic Through Books II”

Tom and his assistant will amaze and amuse you in the second version of the show. In addition to the fun and learning of the first version, this show includes bigger illusions, appearance and disappearance of live doves, and even more audience participation. You won’t believe your eyes as one lucky child levitates, mid air, in front of the entire audience!

“I don’t know when I have seen the children enjoy themselves so much.”

“We thoroughly enjoyed your magic show…and I have heard nothing but
rave reviews from the parents and children who were there.”

“Several parents commented to me on how pleased they were with the performance
and how well you related to and worked with the children.”

Both versions include the following:

Lots of hands on audience participation.
Appearance of a live rabbit!
Short presentation on how magic tricks and other skills can be learned through reading books from your local library.
Special Q&A session with the magician. (We can also do the show without the short presentation talk or the Q&A if you would like.)

“The Q&A period of the act was a nice touch to the program – something that
none of our previous entertainers had included in their acts.”

“We recommend the show to any group, large or small.”

“Magic & Illusion Show”

Tom uses his more than twenty years of experience to amaze and amuse you, using Magic, Music, Mind Reading, Comedy, Illusions and Audience Participation. Watch Tom and his lovely assistant as they make live Doves appear in the fast paced opening segment of the show. After some fun and baffling magic, Tom performs one of his hottest illusions, and in a flash Tom’s co-star “Abra” the rabbit appears to everyone’s surprise. Tom ends the show with an illusion like Levitating someone from the audience between two folding chairs.

“Your show was perfectly suited for even the youngest children and we were
very impressed with your rapport with your audience.”

“The live animals just intensified the excitement of the evening”.

“The Prehistoric Magic Show”

Prehistoric Magic Show

Welcome to “the Prehistoric Magic Show”. This is not just a Magic Show, It’s an Adventure!!! Magician Tom Yurasits takes the entire audience back in time to prehistoric days , with the use of his magical “Time Machine.” He explores the vast land, as it once was when the Dinosaurs roamed the earth. He also tell about the primitive Cave Man. Watch and learn as he sets a dinosaur trap…and catches one!!! Children of all ages will love this show. It’s the only one of it’s kind!

“Your performances were not only entertaining, but thought provoking as well.”

“Your manner of drawing the audience into the show was terrific.”

“It’s Out Of This World”

It's Out of This World - School Shows

“It’s Out of This World” is a magic show with a space theme. Watch as solids pass through solids, things magically float through the air, disappear and defy the laws of the universe. Observe as a spectator from the audience is suspended in mid-air with the use of a magical anti-gravity machine. Come and try to discover the mysteries of space. See things you’ve never seen before, because… “It’s Out Of This World”!

“I was amazed at the great show and even more amazed at the attention span –
you had the children in the palms of your hands!”

“Recycling Works Like Magic”

Recycling Works Like Magic

“Recycling Works Like Magic!”, is a magic show that demonstrates the reasons that we recycle and the good it can do for our community and our world. It gives visual examples through the use of magic on how and what we can do to help the recycling process. It teaches how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. It incorporates fun and lots of audience participation so the students will be amazed and have fun learning about recycling.

“What a great way to pass this important information on to the students.”

“The children were enthusiastic about your program.”

“Abracadabra Magic Show”

“The Abracadabra Magic Show” is a fun filled magic show for all ages that includes lot’s of Magic, Comedy and Audience Participation. A child from the audience gets to perform a magic trick where they make an object disappear and then re-appear just like magic. Throughout the show all the children get to help either up front or from their seats. At the end of the show, “Abra” the live magic rabbit appears to the amazement of the audience. If there are any adults in the audience, they will enjoy it as much as the children.

“Great show, even the parents were impressed.”

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